Service for Entrepreneur

We offer entrepreneur all kinds of expert opinions and represent them as well in all areas of laws. We equally offer them services if they want to establish a firm, rent an office, workout a contract or samples of contracts (standard terms of business etc..),and as well as representing them in thence of ongoing legal dispute. Furthermore we help them to enforce their payment from their debtors and make claims of compensatory damages. Of course it shall be better to contact us before problems occur. Then through excellent workout of contracts, difficulties can be avoided before they happen. So please do not hesitate to contact us, even when the situation is out of hand. In many cases something can still be done, even when one thinks nothing can be done anymore because all seems to have been lost.
So please get yourself informed on this homepage. If you do not find what is relevant for you, it does not mean that we can help you. We therefore invite you at all cost to contact uns.

Labour Law

We review your labour contract, advice you in thence of termination of contract and dismissal und act for you at the labour court against your employee.

Law of associations

We advice you when establishing a company, we workout the relevant contracts and register the company as well.

Establishing an association/company

We shall advice you based on the best type of association or company that suits you, workout the choosing contract of association and register it as well. We equally advice you by changes in your company as time goes on.


If your debtors don´t pay in time in spite of a warning letter, then it is time to contact us and we shall collect your money for you.

Law of tenancy

We advice you in all areas of law of tenancy, it does not matter if you are a tenant, lessor or landlord.

Compensatory damages

If you somebody caused you harm or damages and you want to make claims against them or somebody is making claims against you because of damages, we advice you, act on your behalf, in and outside court accordingly.

Unlawful competition

We represent and advice you in all areas of unfair competition laws, especially in thence of unlawful contest.

Working out contracts or review of contracts

We set up your contracts, especially buying-, leasing- und tenancy contracts etc.. or we review them for you and take over trusteeship if necessary.

Administrative criminal procedure

As an entrepreneur, you can be confronted with a lot of administrative criminal procedures for example, because of violation of the following laws; trading laws, laws applicable to foreign workers in Germany, building laws and environmental protection laws etc... we advice and represent you in all areas.


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